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Jiang Jun is a girl who is allergic to tears and has a double degree in economics and psychology. She is unrestrained and idealistic due to her family's superior background. After graduation, she worked in a philanthropy organization where she pursues her dreams. However, her father's sudden accident leaves her in a dilemma. Unforgettable Love. Curated by purpurrose. If you look for a deep relationship with awesome plots then get your blanket and enjoy laughter, sadness and happiness. Rated with 1-5 hearts ️. 12 shows. 8918 Followers. Get updated Unforgettable love chinese drama 2021 dramacool. The drama revolves around He Qiao Yan, CEO of Heshi Group, and Qin Yi. The optimistic and playful personality of new Karakade wins over everyone including Date who eventually falls in love with her. This drama shows rich and beautiful Thai culture, food etc. It is a drama that is not to be missed!! Watch full episode of Love Destiny (2018) | Thailand Drama | Dramacool. 2. DESTINY OF THE MOON. A hardworking employee at a high-end hotel café, Momoko spends her days serving others and her nights at home, alone. With absolutely no dating experience and zero prospects, Momoko wonders if she’ll ever find that “special someone” everyone always seems to be talking about.
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